Bone is Fascia

“The fascia is any tissue that contains features capable of responding to mechanical stimuli.”

In our last blog about Lisa Songer-Burkes remarkable healing journey with Block Therapy, we shared how she was able to defy the limitations of healing after an accident where she sustained multiple fractures. Lisa was expected to not walk again, or to use her left hand.  Within months, she proved a different outcome, and she continues to make on-going progress. 

It was over a decade ago when I first tested my theory on healing a fracture. A rugby player had broken his 4th metatarsal. He was told to stay off his foot for four weeks but had provincials in 3 weeks. I first saw John 6 days after the injury and saw him 4 times. It was remarkable to be part of this test where I put my theories to work. Each time I saw him there was incredible progress and by the time his tournament came . . . he played! Here is John’s video sharing his journey.

The way I have viewed the fascia system for 2 decades is that it innervates every single cell in the body; that the most superficial layer of the cell membrane is part of the fascia system. This is how communication happens between the cells -- each is interconnected. This gives one the understanding that we have to look at the body as a whole to understand the forces acting upon our structure, as well as what needs to happen in order to rebalance the body after an injury or any assault that pulls us off-balance.

In Gregg Braden’s book, The God Code, he explains how on the surface membrane of every cell is the inscription – God Eternal Within the Body. This unpacks an exciting opportunity to truly understand the miracle that we are and the extraordinary power the body has to heal. Here is a video from Gregg Braden explaining this

By understanding the fascia in its entirety, we are given an incredible opportunity to use our bodies beyond the limiting beliefs of healing and aging that we have come to accept. This incredible system is still misunderstood to a large degree, but there is more research coming out every day that shares the magnitude of what we are made of. Anatomist Gil Hedley shares that as he continues to dive deeper into this system, he sees the never-ending scope of fascia. In fact, he coined the term Peri-fascia, which is what we address with Block Therapy. Here is the Discussion we had with Gil


By understanding the fascia in its entirety, we are given an incredible opportunity to use our bodies beyond the limiting beliefs of healing and aging that we have come to accept. 

Deanna Hansen - Founder

I am always so grateful when community members provide research that confirms the results that we are achieving with fascia decompression. Gary Sharpe, an active member in our community, is an amazing resource and is always sharing articles that support the benefits of Block Therapy. He shared an article explaining how fascia innervates bone. Here is a quote “Bone tissue corresponds perfectly to the definition of fascia. It is able to remodel in response to mechanical stimuli, and it is in synergy with other structures of the human body, influencing the systemic health of the individual.” Read the full article here.

This is very exciting as it shares how we can heal on a deeper level through pressure over time, which is the basis of Block Therapy. I truly believe there are no issues that the body can’t improve when addressing the fascia with conscious awareness, breath, and pressure. 

Breathe & Believe

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