Turn Your Wounds into Wisdom

Have you ever noticed that those crushing moments from the past became fuel for an idea, or that doors closed, and hardships felt, created a connection with someone that is now a huge part of your life? For me personally, I can say that many of those painful moments and memories have been instrumental in creating strength and wisdom. If we are open to the lessons and take the failures and experiences as things that were meant to prepare you, you can become more resilient and use them as stepping stones to greater fulfilment and joy.

In one of the interviews for the upcoming Trauma Summit, we were discussing the difference between the big and little traumas that impact you. The little traumas can be those continual insults that shape the way you feel about yourself, or the feeling of being rejected by a group of friends. The big traumas can be an attack on your person or witnessing a horrible crime or event. I asked the question, does it make a difference in relation to how it can impact us moving forward, and the reality is, it may not.

Big T’s and little T’s can be equally devastating to a person’s progress in life, creativity and how one experiences joy. I continue to learn from all of the amazing speakers that it is less about the details of the event, and more about the emotional attachment we give to it. Also, what matters is at what age the event occurred. If a trauma was experienced early in life during our developmental years, it can be that much more ingrained in the cells than if something happens later in life.

One of our speakers, Prema Mckeever, mentioned that she believes community is necessary for healing. When she spoke about shame and how this impacts how we view life, and then how we attract more of the negative energy around the emotion we hold, I immediately felt a release and freedom from the behaviours I adopted in my younger years. Just the discussion allowed me to realize that many of my behaviours were due to how my system is wired to protect me, and this brought a wave of gratitude and love toward a part of myself that I felt was damaged and broken. Being able to recognize that we are not alone, but all experiencing this deep pain, provides space to view it from a different lens and possibly see some of the gifts instead of only the hurts.

I have a big dream. I want to see a world where everyone thrives. To see so much pain and suffering, yet to know there is a possibility that we as a collective can support and love one another and enjoy this beautiful life we were given, drives me to keep moving forward, learn and share that which can help. And there are so many people who I believe share this vision. The Block Therapy community is filled with incredible souls who are here to support each other, guide when there is a need and delight in each other’s success. There is so much love, we just need to reach the masses.

This Block Therapy Trauma Relief Summit is a way that we can bring so much incredible information to the forefront and provide everyone with tools and understandings to heal the past, live the present and love the future. If you or anyone you know is suffering, please invite them to this free 2-day event so we as a collective can become stronger, more resilient, more abundant and be the lights to guide others through the darkness.

Click here to learn more and register for the summit.

I would love to see you there!

Breathe & Believe,


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