Gratitude is the Attitude

On September 20 and 21, we are launching our Block Therapy Trauma Summit. I feel so fortunate to be doing this as I am learning so much from all our amazing speakers. Every discussion brings a deeper understanding of how life can impact the mind and body, and how we can let go of past trauma so to live a life of joy and creativity.

Years ago, I read Gregg Braden’s  book, Walking Between the Worlds, The Science of Compassion. He shared the difference between the frequency of love and fear. The love frequency is faster, as shown in this image

He also shared that the frequency of love equals the frequency of our DNA. This understanding became paramount as I was going through my process to understand fascia as it relates to every aspect of our being.

For example, in the past, I would commonly call myself a loser. Whether saying it out loud or thinking it in my head, when I became aware, I realized I was saying it all the time. If I dropped something, stubbed my toe, got something wrong . . . even if I was sharing a funny story with friends, that phrase was a recurring expression that I learned had a dramatic impact on my health. Every time I said it, I was literally shutting off the DNA coding sites. This has a direct impact on how we age, and I wasn’t about to let something I can control take me to a place of dis-ease. Funny enough, years later, I still catch myself as I am about to beat myself up (old habits die hard), but I immediately correct myself with the alternate phrase, I am a lover, so to pass that higher frequency wave through my being.

 In my discussion with Dr. Marlene Siegel, one of the speakers at our upcoming summit, we were discussing the frequency of energy and how emotions impact us. She shared that the emotion – shame – is the very lowest frequency. We discussed how common this is in society, with the often-used expression, “shame on you”, and how it can be such a hindrance to creativity and joy. Shaming is present everywhere, and especially with the reach people have on social media, it can become the frequency that many exist in all the time.

In Emoto’s water experiment, he shows the different formation that water crystals assume when given different intentions. The loving intentions show symmetrical and beautiful formations, while the negative intentions create disfigured and unpleasant formations. As fascia is fluid in nature, imagine what negative frequencies are doing to your cells. How they respond to your environment, including your thoughts, determines how you look, how you function and how you feel. If you hate your body, you are creating a reality where your cells express hate.

We also talked about the highest frequency emotion – gratitude. When we tap into this feeling of appreciation, not only for what is going right, but also what isn’t working, we see the problem from a different lens and learn to turn wounds into wisdom. We can’t change the event, but how we respond to the emotions that arise when we think about the event will create a window to change the neural pathways and allow for healing and a letting go of the trap that we get caught in. Some of my greatest moments or gifts that I have experienced, are the result of those incidents in the past that caused me to suffer. In our discussion with Dr. Siegel, we share how you can flip the switch from shame to gratitude so you can move past that which is holding you back from living the highest expression of you.

I invite you to register for the Trauma Relief Summit to learn ample techniques and opportunities to start healing your past wounds. 

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