Bracing the Core Helps You to Brace Your Mind

Bracing the core is an action where you pull your lower ribs into the body to create stability. This has a huge impact on protecting your low back with movement and lifting objects as it takes the stress off the back and establishes integrity with the diaphragmatic breath. But there is so much more to this than meets the eye.

Bracing the core helps you to brace your mind. The energy center that is directly impacted with this action manifests power and self-confidence. I had a direct experience with this when I was working with an amazing yoga teacher.

For years I have been focused on posture. When I was younger, before my breast reduction, I hid my size. I would pull my ribs into my body, collapsing so to minimize how big they looked. Then in my early twenties, I made the decision to reduce their size surgically. As much as I wouldn’t choose this route today, at the time, it was what I needed. I felt much more comfortable in my skin, giving me the confidence to stand tall and own my breast size.

As time continued and I began to truly understand the fascia, breath and how posture impacts us, I continued to work on this area. But like with everything, there is a balance that needs to be observed if we are to keep optimal flow in the body.

It was when I was in this yoga class that my teacher mentioned that I was overarching my back, allowing my lower ribs to expand too much. She mentioned how this was causing me to dump my energy out in the world, instead of containing it within. She said it was causing me to give all my power away, leading to a lack of confidence.

That made a lot of sense to me. I always felt that I did that but didn’t know how to harness that power, and I hadn’t realized I was overextending my back. It’s amazing how it is much simpler to see things in others that it is to see it in yourself. I was so grateful for this realization. The first step to changing anything is to become aware, the next step is to integrate action. 

Like with anything, change doesn’t happen overnight, but with daily awareness and training, it doesn’t take long to establish new habits. The combination of focusing on the diaphragmatic breath, along with bracing the core, gives you a direct line to managing anxiety and negative thinking.

In Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, he mentions that diaphragmatic breathing is linked to a relaxed brain frequency and connects you to the moment. This is great but without the action of bracing the core, if you overarch as I did, you are also blocking the back part of the diaphragm and negatively affecting the adrenal glands, blocking your full ability to own the full breath as it is intended. The combination is the key to bringing that balance and integrity to the breath so that you can gain the immense benefits -- physically, emotionally and mentally.

The next program we are sharing, Lengthen and Strengthen Your Core – 21 Days to Look and Feel Better in Your Body, will be a direct approach to release the old fascia pattern deep within the core so as to melt the adhesions between the organs that are holding you from your power within, and to not only strengthen the diaphragmatic breath but also focus on this integral action of bracing the core. This will be accomplished through a series of blocking classes that integrate lifts and twists, planks and more.

If you feel that you lack connection to your most powerful self, this will take you to a new level of cellular integration. The intention combined with the action is what it takes to create the habits needed to own the way your body moves, as well as direct your internal thoughts to one of power and self-confidence.

I look forward to sharing this next level program with you!

Breathe & Believe,


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