Fascia & Your Thyroid

I have been diving into the fascia system for over 2 decades and have a unique perspective on why it is crucial to understand and approach it in order to manage health and healing – no matter the issues presented. Like skin to the body, fascia is the skin of the cell, connecting every cell to one another through this incredible system of communication, which also provides stability and mobility for the body.

Like the walls, floors, ceilings, and windows of a building that creates structure and containment to the space within, the fascia creates the structure and containment to the cell. If intact, like a building, then there is room for all the activities necessary for optimal functioning. If, however, the structure becomes damaged or weakened, then the space within becomes compromised, causing harm or destruction. 

There are trillions of cells that make up the body, and they group into tissue that is specialized: organ, muscle, skin, fat, brain, nerve fiber, blood vessel . . . every singly tissue in the body is a grouping of specialized cells, all connected to each other through the fascia system. 

The thyroid gland is no different.

Residing below the tongue in the front of the neck, this butterfly shaped gland has many functions to ensure your body functions through all your stages of life to support you with the hormones necessary to regulate a myriad of functions. Like all cells, space is required for optimal health. Without space for nutrients to flow into the cells and waste to be pulled away from them, cells become stressed and cease to function with ease.

When it comes to the tongue, due to its position in relation to the thyroid, it needs to be understood as it is a major foundational muscle, although many don’t appreciate it for this. Beyond chewing and speaking, the tongue is also designed to support the weight of the head. If not recognized for this function and strengthened accordingly, this weakened muscle puts tremendous stress on the neck, and squishes the thyroid.

The tongue has a specific alignment that should be observed. At the roof of the mouth, there is a ridge about a pinky nail distance from your teeth. The tongue fits perfectly into this ridge and should be where it resides. If in correct alignment, the surface of the tongue supports the roof of the mouth, as well as the alignment of the head and neck. If not in correct alignment, the tongue pulls the head forward and over to one side, depending on the specific posture of the individual. This forward, rotational head pull puts tremendous stress on the thyroid, compressing one side and causing a ballooning of the other side. This is where many issues with proper functioning of this gland can arise.

Whether you have hyper or hypothyroid issues, it comes from the imbalance of the gland and its’ ability to produce hormones. If there is compression and ballooning, there is stress. Stress causes an imbalance in the body’s ability to regulate what it needs, as the messages are chaotic and confused. It really is that simple in the big picture – the gland is under stress because it doesn’t have the space to function with ease.


Whether you have hyper or hypothyroid issues, it comes from the imbalance of the gland and its’ ability to produce hormones. If there is compression and ballooning, there is stress. 

Deanna Hansen - Founder

Learning how to tap into the intelligence of the fascia and support it through breath and conscious postural alignment is a direct way to release the old patterns that have stressed the thyroid. This is important to create the space to bring balance to the gland, as well as to feed it the oxygen and nutrients it requires to do its best job for you to be healthy lifelong. There is no substitute for this. The best medications and nutrients can’t be absorbed if there isn’t the space to allow absorption. If your thyroid isn’t functioning as it should be, you can create positive change through fascia decompression.

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