Winner of the 30 Day Upper Body Challenge

It’s time to celebrate our first place winner of the 30 Day Upper Body Challenge – Wendy Elmore!!!

I love it when life surprises me. It’s that magical feeling that happens when the unexpected pops right in your face. This is literally what happened when I saw Wendy’s before and after pictures of her face!!!

To say that she looks younger, more symmetrical, lifted, and aligned . . .these are all true. But the most amazing part to me is that she looks at peace. The face stores all the emotions: regrets, pain, loss, sadness, traumas . . . if they haven’t been released in the moment. Without knowing how to move negative energy and experience out of the cells, they accumulate in the tissues and express themselves - they become encapsulated in the memory of the fascia.

Looking at the change in Wendy I feel that I can exhale more fully and relax. This has so many connotations about how we perceive life. We are magnetic beings. When we see someone who is at peace, simply being in their presence can have an impact on how we feel, and the opposite is also true. If you see someone who wears a negative emotion of fear on their face, then that can also trigger you to sense those same energies.

This is what I love most about the practice of fascia decompression. It goes way beyond the physical and encompasses the mental, emotional and spiritual body as well. Often people ask if this work helps you to get in touch with your deeper purpose in life. This is the practice that brought this work into the world and has shaped how I spend my years on this planet and when asked, I refer to what Gregg Braden shared in his book, The God Code.

He shared that on the surface of every cell membrane is the encoded message – God Lies Within. If you are interested in learning the detail about how he came to this understanding, Braden's research relies heavily on the Kabbalistic technique of assigning numerical values to each letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It’s a fascinating read and gives you a beautiful sense of connection. 

One of the reasons that fascia decompression is a connector to the deeper truths is that it allows you to connect to the cells that are deeper than what you are consciously aware of. Connecting deep within your tissue so you can hear what your cells are saying is a beautiful process with gifts that keep on giving. It is in this space where the magic happens, where there is room to contemplate and allow your creative potentials to arise.

No matter the reason you may begin this journey: pain, to manage size and shape, to improve posture, to release negative/trapped energy, to look and function younger than you are. . . you get them all. 

So, to Wendy and all the others’ who embrace this practice, I cannot thank you enough. Your experiences are shaping the direction of this work and I have the deepest gratitude to you for sharing your insights and changes, so we can continue to make fascia decompression techniques available to you all!

Breathe & Believe,


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