Pain Management with Block Therapy

Pain Management with Block Therapy

The Pain – Fear Cycle

I am constantly teaching about the importance of Conscious posture and breathing, but equally important is to understand the value of pain.

When I tell people that I teach you how to make friends with pain, many think I am out of my mind. However, as much as pain can be a huge annoyance and burden, it is the fear surrounding the pain that keeps us stuck in suffering.

There is a pain – fear cycle. When we feel pain, whether emotional or physical, we immediately hold the breath to shield us from the negative sensation. Unfortunately, the result of this is more pain because as we hold the breath and the body is deprived of even more oxygen, which intensifies the pain. This feels scary, invoking an even stronger response of holding the breath, causing more pain.

Find Your Pain

Block therapy teaches you how to find your pain, on purpose, melt through it and how to breathe life into that once dark, compressed space.

Here are some of the comments we are getting
from people practicing Block Therapy.

“Wanted to let you know that my yoga class last Thursday was very interesting….very!  My revolved triangle pose which I struggle with was vastly improved much more length in my sides and my urdvadanurasana (back bend) had more flow and strength than a long time, and I basically haven’t done yoga in 3 weeks!!!! WOW!!!! Way to go block class!!”
– Doug

“Hi Deanna, back in 1999 I broke my 4th metatarsal, it wouldn’t heal so I had a plate put in. That didn’t work so out the plate went and a bone graft followed. It still didn’t feel aligned properly, thus my 5th metatarsal broke with my 3rd soon to follow. After 3 1/2 years and with $1,800 custom work boots, I returned to my job. I still have issues with my left foot because of the long recovery. Now I have problems with my back, which started over 20 years ago. I can no longer work or do much of anything for almost 4 years now. I have tried many, many, different treatments, injections, exercises and drugs over the years all with wonderful therapists and Doctors. After your block class today I was in tears driving home. Not from the pain, but from joy of finally finding something which makes sense. Thanks Deanna for all your hard work in developing Fluid Isometrics. I now feel there is hope for a recovery. See you next week”.
– Wayne T

“OMG!  After doing each class almost every day now for 2 weeks, am I loving it, or what???  I feel taller, flatter tummy, more aligned, shoulder and hip pain have cleared and more movement in those joints.  I can’t wait for others to experience something similar!  LOVE IT!”
– Dorina Morelli

Block Therapy Testimonial by Heather…


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Pain Management with Block Therapy





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