Building Bridges

Deanna Hansen Fluid Isometrics Block TherapyA few years back my nephew Quinn and I climbed onto my parents’ roof. The garage and house are a small distance apart from each other and I easily stepped from the house roof to the garage roof. Quinn, much younger then, wanted to but when faced with the gap, he became afraid.  To make it feel safe for him, I straddled the 2 roofs and gave him a hand and he easily stepped across. After that one time, he continued to jump from roof to roof, wondering why he was scared in the first place.

We have a world of unknowns going on within us that can make people feel fear about our body, mind and emotions. Adopting the psychoanalytical terms first introduced by D.W. Winnicott, I believe fear is False Energy Acting Real. To overcome this fear, we need to build bridges to the parts of the body we have lost connection with. Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy do just that; they allow us to connect more deeply within so we can listen to the language of our tissue and build bridges to a more peaceful, enjoyable life.

We always have a choice when confronted with anything scary and unknown, we can put up a wall, or we can build a bridge. But more than that, we can take down the walls we put up in the past and reconnect to our deeper self. The path is profoundly simple when you have the proper guidance. My walls are coming down and I am ready to share. Please let me know what you need so I can continue on this journey and connect with you.

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen



Deanna Hansen

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