The Untethered Soul Discussed by Deanna Hansen

I love this book, The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer.The Untethered Soul

The Untethered Soul is speaking the same language as me with regard to finding peace within, and it is all about seeing suffering from a positive perspective. The author speaks about peace with the mind, and learning how to become a conscious observer of your thinking patterns; not ignoring or trying to change them,  but just observing and seeing them for what they are – chaos. Singer says if your voice were your friend giving you advice, you would have fired them long ago, because every moment your mind is changing, and your thoughts don’t follow any order. The thing is, we are listen to those thoughts, and our feelings and how we perceive life are directly linked to those thoughts. For most people, this means a life of anything but peace.

Similarly, physical pain torments us and keeps us in a state of chaos and disharmony. Pain is a beautiful thing though, when we see it for what it is.  For example, if you had a baby and it was crying because it was hurt, you wouldn’t turn away from the crying, you would go to the baby and give it love and attention. Pain is the way that your cells cry. There are about one hundred trillion cells that make up the human body, and each cell is like a mini universe (watch the video, “Life of a living cell” to see how beautiful and amazing the human body is). The monumental amount of work that is continuously being carried out in every single cell in the body is mind-boggling.  Now imagine if one of those cells had a big weight on top of it, squeezing the life out of it, in essence, strangling it. How would all of these functions be carried out inside that cell? They wouldn’t.

Pain is the language the body uses to let us know that an area is under compression. Just like the crying baby, we don’t want to ignore pain, we want to love it. We need to love our pain by putting energy and attention into it, and one way to do that is to apply pressure.

The pressure fibers are larger in diameter than the pain fibers, so when pressure is applied to pain, the sensation turns to a good pain, as those pressure fibers are activated. Lying on the Block Buddy for a minimum of 3 minutes in any one position, combined with proper diaphragmatic breathing, floods the compressed area with oxygen and puts energy and life back into the space.

By seeing pain for what it is, and loving it, it changes our perception of pain entirely. We will still experience pain from time to time,  but by seeing it as a guide and a friend rather than something we ignore or hate, it changes and we change as a result. We become calm and peaceful.  And when that happens, life is peaceful.

Block Therapy teaches you to love pain, by becoming a pain seeker. We start to love it because it has so many wonderful benefits. Not only does it calm the mind, but it also changes our physical shape to become healthier and more youthful, it changes the way the body functions as restrictions are removed and life is breathed into previously blocked space. And it changes the way we interpret our surroundings. In essence, it opens the heart.

Watch this video below to see how a diaphragm works. You will see that breathing properly also massages the heart, giving it direct attention with every single breath. It is all about the heart being open to love, and to life, including the bad stuff.

It doesn’t really matter what life throws at us if we see it from the proper perspective.

I highly recommend
The Untethered Soul

This book gives you not only an understanding of how to take control not of your mind, but also how your perception influences how you respond to the pain you will inevitably face in your life. When you can come to peace with pain, you are truly free!

Breathe & Believe.

Deanna Hansen


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