Block Therapy – the fastest myofascial release

“Block Therapy works the fastest
for myofascial release”

“Hi, my name is Danni Gravel. I’ve been a registered massage therapist for ten years. I’m here at a conference, taking the Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy course. With all my experience and all the courses I have taken for myofascial release over the years, Block Therapy is actually the one that has worked the fastest to release myofascial tissue. The other approaches are great, but this one actually gets down at a much deeper level. We’re able to manipulate that tissue, we’re noticing the difference. I’m standing better, I’m breathing better, I’m walking better, and I just have to say, what a great program this is.”

Deanna Teaches Block Therapy
for myofascial release

Deanna Hansen recently attended the 2014 NHPC Annual Conference where she taught a two day course on Block Therapy to Natural Health Practitioners. Day 1 of her course focused on self-care – how to practice Block Therapy on yourself using the Block Buddy.

Day 2 focused on patient care – how to use the Block Buddy in your practice. Practitioners were able to walk away with the knowledge of how to use the Block Buddy in their practice for myofascial release on their patients.

The event was a great success and we look forward to returning to Alberta to train the next round of Block Therapy Instructors. If you are interested in becoming a Block Therapy Instructor fill in the online application form.

Fastest way to release myofascial tissue

Block Therapy –
The Fastest Myofascial Release.

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