Why Diaphragmatic Breathing is So Important

These days, you hear a lot about conscious breathing, but the majority of people still don’t understand how to properly access the breath, and where the focus should be. Diaphragmatic breathing is the answer.

The diaphragm is in the core of the body. When we work this muscle as God intended, it is a pump in constant motion that gives the organs a continual massage. It is the ceiling to the abdominal organs, a floor to the heart and lungs, and is the foundation for the rib cage. Working this muscle properly with diaphragmatic breathing is absolutely necessary to keep the temperature of the body where it needs to be for optimal health.

Why diaphragmatic breathing
is so important.

Why Diaphragmatic Breathing is So Important

When we don’t breathe fully in this way, (diaphragmatically), the diaphragm becomes weak and the weight of the rib cage causes a collapse of the upper body into the core. This collapse causes the alignment of the diaphragm muscle to be incorrect, leaving it unable to function optimally. Over time, the body learns to pull air into the lungs with the muscles in the upper chest. This continues the process of weakening the diaphragm, emphasizing the forward collapse, until the body is fully dependent on the secondary muscles to stay upright – muscles that weren’t designed for this function.

The result is that the air isn’t pulled deeply enough into the lungs for optimal oxygen absorption. In fact, 70% of the alveoli live at the base of the lungs, so breathing with those secondary muscles creates a very poor exchange rate between oxygen in and carbon dioxide out. This leaves a large percentage of the cells in the body lacking what they require to survive, and leaves the body toxic from an inability to properly remove waste. This creates an environment in the body that is ripe for disease organisms to thrive, and overall health to suffer.


The most exciting part of diaphragmatic breathing is you are fully in control of it. No one can take it from you or tax you on it. So, why not give yourself the greatest gift of all and learn how to connect to the breath that has been in you all along. It is yours, if you want it.

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

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