Block Therapy – A Solution for Back Pain

solution for back painThe causes of chronic back pain can be from injuries accumulated through life, but can also be from incorrect posture. Either way, if we struggle with pain, as I did for years, there is something blocking blood and energy flow.

Back pain affects 8 out of 10 people at some point in their lives, and respondents of a National Institute of Health Statistics survey indicated that back pain was the most common, followed by headaches/migraines.

Why does back pain afflict so many people?

All you have to do is look at how the majority of people stand. We are like a building, and if our foundation is off, everything up the chain is affected. The way we position our feet, knees and pelvis are important in creating a solid foundation to support the body. Most people stand with their feet wide apart and their feet turned out like a duck, and hyper-extend at the knees. This causes the pelvis to tilt off balance. As this happens, the body builds up walls of connective tissue, or compressed fascia, in the attempt of providing a new foundation. Unfortunately, over time this compressed tissue blocks blood and energy flow and actually becomes a stronger grip for gravity to affect the body.

As we end up in a forward tilt, the muscles of the lower back become taxed, as now they are working against this powerful force of compression and gravity causing a hardening of tissue and exhaustion in the area. Pain is the result. Also, as compression, and therefore a shortening of the tissue in the front of the pelvis is occurring, the alignment of the vertebrae changes which can cause the discs to herniate. A herniated disc will put pressure on the nerves in the area, which again, can cause back pain.

So what can we do about back pain?

Understanding what causes pain is the first thing, so we can apply the proper strategy to affect a solution. And this is where my program for back pain is so effective. I teach you how to release the compressed tissue in the front of the pelvis using the Block Buddy and guide you to work with the areas that are sealed and compressed. You are taught how to breathe life and space back into tissue, releasing the grip gravity has on the body.

Imagine if you had someone pulling down on your arm all the time, how tiring this would be to your whole body. Imagine there was a year, ten years of this constant pull. Then imagine it stopping, how light and free you would feel. When we breathe life and space back into tissue, the pull from gravity on the area becomes significantly less, resulting in freedom and relief. Once that freedom is gained, it is simple to apply new postural habits to the body. It becomes effortless effort.

I encourage you to consider Block Therapy, as it is a tool you can use for the rest of your life in the comfort of your own home. We do not have to suffer, but we do need to understand what causes us to suffer and apply a solution if we truly want relief. I look forward to any feedback, as it is my purpose to continually develop opportunities to teach people to self-heal.

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

Chronic Back Pain Treatment Package
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  1. I’ve had back problems since I was 15 yrs old- I tore all of the muscles and ligaments in my lower back and dislocated my sacroiliac. I am now 63 yrs old and my back is something that I have to always be careful of how I treat it. I have rolls or pockets of fluid or fat below my waist in the area mentioned. Even though I’ve lost weight, I still have these areas. Is it possible that this isn’t fat but inflammation or blockages caused from my body being out of balance? Is this the type of things that you are referring to in your explanations of your back program? Thank you –

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