Detox your body with Fluid Isometrics

Detox your body with Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy

Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy provides a natural way to detox your body.

I have spent 8 years living on the 13th floor of my apartment, overlooking the river. I have learned a lot about flow and have watched the river freeze and thaw with the seasons. What I have also witnessed is how an area can become polluted when there is something blocking its flow.

One year there was a tree that had fallen and jutted out into the water. It was amazing to see the debris and garbage being pulled toward it. There was an accumulation that built up on the underside that became stuck and stagnant. As the summer continued, you could see algae growing and “life” being attracted to this area, life that would see this garbage as food.

Detox Your Body By Removing The Restrictions

The tissue is similar. When there are restrictions in the tissue such as scar tissue from injury or surgery, or fascia collapses from unconscious posture and breathing, like the tree in the river, debris and garbage begin to accumulate. This attracts undesirables like bacteria and fungi. If left, the area becomes ripe for disease. We can spend our time trying to figure out how to kill all of the invaders that are overtaking our tissue, or we can simply take the tree out of the way and let the flow carry them away.

When we practice Block Therapy, as we melt through the frozen connective tissue, we release the toxins that have been trapped there over time – creating a natural detox for our body. Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy also removes the restrictions in the tissue, allowing an increase in blood and oxygen flow to help carry out garbage.  Many students experience a healing crisis as a result of the detox when they practice Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy. This is an excellent indication of the detox taking place in the body!

Of course, healthy eating and ample water intake are needed to assist the body to detox, but by making Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy a regular practice you will constantly be cleaning the tissue, promoting lifelong health.

To your health, healing and rejuvenation,

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

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