Introducing Level 2 Block Therapy Classes

Word is spreading! With 6 certified teachers and many more on the way, people are finding their way to the Block Buddy and loving the results. We are in some new locations in May including Yoga Public and Organza Market, so go to our class calendar to see if there is a class near you.

About Level 2 Block Therapy Classes

There are also some new programs. I am thrilled to share that Level 2 Block Therapy Classes will be offered starting May and these 2-day sessions will take this work to a whole new level. I am integrating more of the exercise component of Block Therapy, with longer holds combined with active isometric contraction, targeting specific muscle groups. Whether your interest is muscle toning, sculpting, building or rehabilitation, you will love this class.

Coming Soon! The new 21-day weight loss program

Also, coming this summer is my new book with a 21-day weight loss program. My test subject lost 2” off her hips, 2-1/4” off her waist and 3-3/4” under the armpits. Amazing for 21 days and only 3 positions per day! There is lots of interest in this and I will get it out there as soon as possible.

Thank you for supporting Samantha and Allexis

I want to thank all of you for the support you gave to Samantha. She came home last week after testing in Toronto proved her not to be a match to donate a piece of her liver to Allexis. She was devastated she could not help her but more people have stepped up now from all the publicity and fundraising is in place to help Allexis and her family.

I have to say I feel incredibly blessed. My team is growing and there is incredible enthusiasm from the teachers. With all the challenges that come from starting a new business, I am continually reminded of the reason this journey began; to empower others to become their own health advocates. When a Block Therapy Teacher shares that their student has found relief from years of pain, lost inches that were stuck, or experienced peace of mind from learning to breathe, I know I am on the right path. Helping others to help themselves. This is the point!

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

Register now for Level 2 Block Therapy Classes
with Deanna Hansen!

Level 2 Block Therapy Classes with Deanna Hansen

Recoverable under most insurance policies.
Space is limited to 10 per class.


Tuesday, May 19 & Wednesday, May 20
6:30 – 8:30 pm
Click here to register for May 19 & 20

Wednesday, May 27 & Thursday, May 28
12:00 – 2:00 pm
Click here to register for May 27 & 28

Tuesday, June 2 & Wednesday, June 3
9:30 – 11:30 am
Click here to register for June 2 & 3


Organza Market
230 Osborne Street (at Confusion Corner)
Winnipeg, MB
Get Directions


Class Registration: $169.00
(Class cards are not accepted for these Level 2 workshops)


May 19 & 20 – Click here
May 27 & 28 – Click here
June 2 & 3 – Click here
Phone: 204 452-1175



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