Block for Bunions

If bunions are something you are dealing with…and you would like to see them gone, you don’t want to miss this 2 series, 2 night Live Virtual Intensive!

After only a few months of working on her bunions, Trish is seeing dramatic results.

Join me July 23rd and 24th as I take you through a guided program targeting the areas that are responsible for causing your bunions to grow. It is the way the fascia adheres to bone and torques the legs and feet that cause the building of this irritating growth. We will be taking your tissue in the opposite direction to undo the stress and melt the bunion.

This is being offered at a special live price of $79.00 for both nights.

Your Zoom link will be emailed to you 2 days before so you can access the class.

You also get this class for life. This is something you will want to keep doing to continue creating change to your alignment.

Bunions develop over time and can be melted over time. Start the process now and start to see immediate changes to your feet!

Sign up for the Virtual Intensives here!

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