How Block Therapy Benefits the Jaw

Tension in the jaw is something I have known very well. There was a time when I was under so much stress, filled with anxiety, that I had to think and almost force to open my mouth. What I know today is that there were a number of factors that took me/my body/fascia to that extreme place of tension but from a mechanical perspective, the driver of the vehicle was gravity combined with unconscious posture and breathing.

We are like a building. There are support systems throughout a building to create stability to the structure, and still allow the space within the walls and floors to have life. The body is the same from this perspective. Through proper awareness of posture, we support the foundations in the body so the cells can remain in their fixed place through time. Cells in their correct position have the space to optimally receive the nutrients and remove the waste. Once a cell is pulled from its home, the walls become thin and weak and the flow in and out of the membranes is inefficient.

Looking at a standing or sitting person, you can immediately see the forward position of the body. The head is pulled far away from correct alignment in most people today. Here is a test:

While seated, sit up tall, and even lean back a bit. Notice how the jaw shifts backward. If you can’t sense it moving, is it aching from having to clench. Just notice how it feels, and give yourself a minute or more to observe.

Now sit and collapse into your core. Notice where the jaw falls to. As gravity is pulling the jaw forward and down, the muscles reactively clench to stabilize the pull. If the force doesn’t let up, the pull will continue and the response of clenching will become habit. Over time this will change the shape of the jaw and face.

This even applies to sleeping posture. If you curl up in the fetal position, you are pulling your head forward still causing the jaw to clench. Understanding how to align your body will take stress of the jaw and head to allow a better sleep.

Block Therapy addresses the fascia system. This is the tissue responsible for cellular migration. Block Therapy teaches you how to connect with the cells and take them in the opposite direction to which gravity unconsciously pulled them to be. The best part is it is simple, requires consistent but little time to be effective, and requires no skill, just understanding. The instruction is complete to get you going.

I had a 2 hour Virtual Intensive for the Jaw and the comments were amazing. Here is here before and after picture from this class. Tammy even mentioned her “S” sound always had a bit of a slur to it and after the class it sounded clean like it should. You can find Tammy Gibson at

Everything is connected. People ask me all the time – “what will this class or what will this position benefit?” When you start the journey of diving into your fascia and connecting to your breath, you begin to understand.  You notice how the gripping of the fascia on your shins is holding you forward. You also observe that after doing a Calves and Feet class that the tension in the jaw changes. These are the observations you awaken to as you connect to your cells with the Block.

To join the conversation and hear from those who have made Block Therapy a lifestyle, click here. This community is full of wisdom and is an excellent resource for anyone who has questions.

Breathe & Believe

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