Block Therapy and High Blood Pressure

There are many things that can make your heart race, but when talking about chronic high blood pressure, there are also some truths that this issue has in common with everyone.

In the book – The Case Against Sugar by Gary Taubes, he shares how evidence is suggesting that sugar can be the underlying cause of Hypertension. If you break down the word – Hyper and Tension, this means a ton of tension. So, what really causes this?

I certainly believe sugar is a massive contributor to ill health – I have been addicted to it most of my life. It is only recently that I decided to actively choose against it as much as possible. Reading The Case Against Sugar was extremely eye opening.

As much as the fuel we put into our system matters, there is more to the story. The body is a machine that has many functions and systems all working together in a beautiful and synchronistic way. Just watch The Life of a Cell by David Bolinsky to get an understanding of what every one of our 100 trillion cells are doing for us in order to drive the body. The incredible beauty of our cellular functions brings tears to my eyes.

The diaphragm is the engine. The body is designed to supply itself with oxygen and remove the waste with this incredibly unique and powerful muscle. When strong and aligned, it supports the heart and lungs and drives the metabolism of the abdominal organs. The dynamic, continual pumping of this muscle keeps the area heated for systems to flow.

When the diaphragm is weak, the story changes.

The unconscious breather – the majority of the population – breathes through the muscles of the upper chest. This happens because pain, fear and stress cause us to re-actively hold the breath forcing the secondary breathing muscles to kick in. As there is no shortage of stress in the world, most people have a frozen diaphragm today.

The weak and forgotten diaphragm muscle gives in to the weight of the rib cage and collapses into the abdominal area. This collapse is largely responsible for the added pressure – the Hyper Tension. This collapse displaces the organs and causes a bulging of tissue outward. The world is full of people trying to lose belly fat. If they can see the other part of the story – compression and ballooning – they will have a new perspective and approach to making change.

Another mechanical issue is the compression of the aorta. It is the main artery leaving the heart and runs through the diaphragm. When strong and aligned, the diaphragm supports the walls of the aorta creating an ease of flow. This person would have a healthy heart. When the diaphragm is weak, this channel becomes twisted and crushed under the weight of the upper body. Also, the cooling of the area from the lack of pumping allows the fats in the blood stream to stick to the wall of the aorta and become clogged. This forces the heart to work harder and exhaust, creating issues like Hyper Tension.

The biggest challenge to overcome is the force at which the fascia grips to bone – 2000 pounds per square inch – again…Hyper Tension. This is hard to comprehend but it is real. It is truly what is causing the issues in the body. Because we, as a population haven’ t been conscious of posture and breathing and are falling off balance as a result, the fascia grips to bone in an effort to create stability. The good news – the force is magnetic and Block Therapy unlocks the grip.

Block Therapy is the tool and system developed to melt through the adhesions in the tissue – the scar tissue – all the way to the bone where it is attached. This releases the grip, awakens cells previously blocked from blood and oxygen flow and removes waste that has been accumulating life long. It requires no skill, just some time to connect with your Block Buddy and your Breath and learn to listen to what your body needs.

Join the conversation in our private Facebook Group – Block Therapy Members – to see what those who know have to say – it is amazing to hear the benefits from those who practice about this life changing system.

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

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