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I remember a number of years ago I wrote a blog about my hope for the future. Thinking back, it has come to pass. Block Therapy is out in the world, continuing to grow and evolve. This was my wish in the past, so now I will make another wish for the future.

This world we live in has become a strange place. There are so many tensions and conflicts, it has become divided and challenged at every turn. When we allow ourselves to be immersed in the dialogue that is surrounding us, it takes us away from the beautiful beings that we are. We are a soul living in a body and the best way to connect to that powerful energy that is eternal is to connect to the body, and dive inward.

Not long ago, we had an interview with Gil Headley, an anatomist who has shared so much about fascia. He terms moving inward as being a somanaut. Opposite to the astronaut who navigates outer space, the somanaut navigates inner space. As a blocker, that is what you are: someone who dives deep into your internal space to uncover the vastness of all there is. 

With the external world becoming increasingly stressful and agitating, it only makes sense to become more concentrated in the exploration of who you are and all that you can be. We have immense power to create and change the status quo by becoming a strong, centered, spiritual being living a human existence. If we can connect to this part of ourselves and move away from external control and manipulation, we have the power to collectively create a world that is full of repair, healing, equanimity and progress.

I do believe we are at a crossroads. There are negative forces that are attempting to control, to take, and to manipulate. This incredible planet we call our home right now is under attack, as are our bodies. I think back to what it must have been like when families were united by the simple things, not the extravagance. Taking the time to connect with loved ones and simply share ideas and feelings is such a blessing, and even this isn’t happening as a result of the chaos we are now experiencing.

For a very long time I felt I have been called to have an impact on the possibility of what the future can be. This is what drives me every single day. I have a vision of a world that is healthy on every level and where all who inhabit this planet have a place to thrive. It is us, the humans, who have encroached on the other species. Now we, the humans, are feeling the tragic result of the years of greed and consumption that have changed this planet.

My wish for us all is that we can get back to living a spiritual life in a human body. We humans are the ones making the decisions that are affecting the forests, the oceans, the earth, and all that inhabit this place. I feel the guilt and shame that there is so much suffering at the hands of our choices. I feel this because I am part of it. We don’t even realize sometimes that what we are doing is creating pain for others down the line.

So, my hope, my mission, my life is dedicated to one thing; to being part of a solution so we can see a turnaround, instead of an extinction of all the beauty that we have had the privilege to experience. I believe this comes first through connecting within. Without it, we are like a leaf in a tornado; whipped around by the forces which cause us to stay in a position of reaction, instead of conscious action.

We are here for only a short time, but we want to leave this place better than how we came in. The future is for the generations to come, and I believe it is our responsibility to act. Action can be many things. It can be removing yourself from negative agendas, it can be assisting others with love and kindness, and most importantly, it is taking care of you so you are living the life you are born to live.

Breathe & Believe

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