90 Day Challenge Second Place Winner

I want to congratulate our second place winner for the 90 Day Challenge, Linda Daniel.

Linda has been blocking for well over a year and has shared some incredible results and changes to her pains and issues. What is so great is to see the ongoing changes that the last 90 days have created for her alignment. I love the amount of decompression you can see in her core and ribcage.

When asked what her biggest area of concern was when starting the challenge, she shared: 

“weight, headaches and knee pain”

You can really see the lightness that has come into her ribcage. This release of tension will improve blood and oxygen flow into the brain to help with the headaches. You can also see how much more relaxed the arms are as they are hanging by her sides.

When we asked what specific results she experienced, she shared:

“My migraines are less frequent and less intense, my knees are much better. I feel so much better everywhere. Emotional and physical!! So much more range of motion!“

This is an amazing difference. When I imagine what is happening to her heart, lungs and abdominal organs, I feel as though I can breathe a sigh of relief. In the before photos, I feel the cells are being strangled. The after photos show so much freedom and space created. Not only is it the difference in her size, but it is also the positioning of her arms by her side that to me speaks volumes. They no longer have to be held in a rigid manner to offset the internal tension in her body.

We are all thrilled with Linda’s changes and when asked if she would recommend this program, she shared: 

“Oh my! Just get started! You will be amazed with the results and how much better you feel inside and out!!”

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