90 Day Challenge Winner

I want to congratulate our first place winner for the 90 Day Challenge, Michelle Thompson.

I love when I get to see the changes in people who commit to a daily program. It’s the full body alignment that I pay attention to, and the overall lifting and integration of cells that speaks volumes to the changes made. Michelle has shown incredible changes to the compression in and around her core.

When asked what her biggest area of concern was when starting the challenge, she shared: 

"Five years ago, my front ribs moved. I noticed my left ribs stuck out and my right side was flat. I was hoping the ribs would even out”. 

In the before photo, you can see the rigidity of the ribcage and the mottling of the tissue in the belly from the asymmetrical collapse of the ribs into the core. This will impact the organs’ ability to function with ease. The after photos show how much lift has occurred and how much cleaner the tissue appears. This will translate to more space for the abdominal organs which will allow for greater ease of function.

When we asked what specific results she experienced, she shared:

“Longer torso. I feel I have better posture”.

You can really see the dramatic changes Michelle has made in the back and side photos. In the back, notice how much she has lengthened in the low back, and how much broader she is in her upper back. This lengthening has reduced the compression and ballooning around the pelvis.

The side photo is amazing as it shows how much longer and cleaner the core is. The arms are hanging in a more relaxed manner, her jaw is looking cleaner, and overall, you can see the lift in her body.

We are all thrilled with Michelle’s changes and when asked if she would recommend this program, she shared:

“I'd recommend it in a heartbeat. I love it and I love that it is led by such compassionate and caring people like Deanna, Quinn and Barb. It has really helped my lower back. I feel safe doing this therapy.”

Breathe & Believe

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