90 Day Challenge Third Place Winner

I want to congratulate our third place winner for the 90 Day Challenge, Diane Heisner.

This is especially exciting for me. Diane was the first place winner the very first time we did our 90 Day Challenge. The changes to her body at that time were incredible. Even more impressive are the changes that continue to happen. Block Therapy for many is a lifestyle, and Diane has shown the commitment to continuing this journey and seeing progressive results.

First 90 Day Challenge Results

Most Recent 90 Day Challenge Results

When asked what her biggest area of concern was when starting the challenge, she shared:

“chronic neck and shoulder pain from years of doing bodywork. I cut back on how many clients I see, and how long I work at the computer doing bookwork.”

When we asked what specific results she experienced, she shared:

“The number of clients has increased, and my stamina has greatly improved, and I feel good at the end of the day vs. tired with inflamed shoulder and neck pain. I feel stronger, more flexible and have more stamina to keep working. My neck ROM-without pain, improved. And the biggest surprise is I look thinner than the 5 pound weight loss the scale showed.”

First 90 Day Challenge Results

Most Recent 90 Day Challenge Results

This shows incredible change. Diane’s commitment to the work has continually brought improvements to her fascia. I look beyond the outer changes and look at what’s happening to the organs, the channels for flow, and all the interconnections that allow the body to function. The release she has undergone shows an incredible release of internal tension that will impact her health lifelong.

When asked if she would recommend this program, she shared: 

“It's a tool you will always use and using it on a regular basis will change your life for the better in ways you would never expect. It improves many functions within the body, such as stress, digestion and more oxygen to tissues, as well as visible results on the outside, like shape, posture and even some weight- loss. I don't know of any therapy that you can also do while lying in bed (my favorite way to block! )”

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