What is Fascia? | The Fascia Masters, Episode 1

We are ageing faster than ever - but there is something that we can do about this.

Fascia surrounds every single one of our hundred trillion cells. As long as cells are fed and clean, they will do their job! Our fascia migrates over time due to unconscious breathing, poor posture, and everything that we do in our everyday life.

Check out Episode 1 of our podcast, Fascia Masters, to learn about how fascia changes over time and what we can do to move it back to where it belongs so that we can live in balance. 

Fascia is a system that covers every muscle, cell, bone, nerve, artery, and vein. It also surrounds all of our internal organs, including the heart, lungs, our brain, and spinal cord. Our fascia connects us from our head to our toes.

Fascia plays a very important role in supporting our body and helping it to function properly. It surrounds and attaches to all of our structures. In a normal, healthy environment our fascia is moist and pliable, allowing our movements to be easy, painless and flexible. Overtime our fascia changes due to injury or trauma. All of these things add up over time and the fascia system begins to lose flexibility; it becomes restricted and causes pain and discomfort.

YOU have the power to heal yourself by decompression your fascia that is causing restrictions and pain.

Learn more about decompressing your fascia in our FREE Ultimate Fascia Decompression Kit.

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