Week 2 of the 90 Day Trauma Relief Program

We begin our next week of the 90 Block Therapy Trauma Relief Program focusing on the core of the body and connecting to a physical trauma that may have impacted you. These may have been injuries from a fall, an accident, or a surgery where they cut through layers of tissue for example. You may have many that you want to release but see if you can connect to a trauma that you feel has kept you in a state of freeze.

For me, I have a very specific example. One that literally took my breath away. Not a big deal in the scope of what many have encountered, however this left a lasting impression in my mind and body that to this day I believe has impacted my full diaphragmatic breath.

It was grade 6 and we were playing a game at recess called Red Rover. The idea is that several people lock hands, and then the person on the opposing side runs at full speed to see if they can cut through the chain by choosing a grip between 2 people that they think they can break. It literally is like being punched in the gut.

As I was a fast runner and strong in body, up until this moment, I never had an issue breaking the chain. However, I chose the grip I would barrel into - two boys in my class - and I went for it at full sprint. I remember that moment so well as I bounced back and landed on the ground, literally gasping for breath. I had never had the experience of being punched prior to that moment, and certainly don’t recommend doing it on purpose.

As I lay on the ground, I felt an anxiety rise in me that also was a new sensation. It took several minutes before I felt calm enough to get up and walk, however, the rest of the day I was off. Even 42 years later, I recall the sensations that I experienced for the days to follow. Prior to this I always felt invincible, fast, strong and in control of my physical body. However, this left me feeling vulnerable and weakened to some degree. The awareness that I had done this to myself also increased the anxiety I was feeling, and perhaps that incident was the start of anxiety that eventually riddled my life for many years.

As one of the three pillars of Block Therapy is proper conscious breathing, I have spent many years working through limitations within myself to unlock my old patterns. I have come a long way but no there is so much yet to come in order to be fully oxygenating my body with every breath. I truly believe this incident had a deep and profound impact on me.

What are you going to focus on this week to pull up your conscious awareness so that you can work through the old wounds and create a deep level of healing?

On day 4 of this week, the featured speaker is Dr. Judith Swack. I spent about a year working with her to address my own needs and came a long way in releasing trauma -- things I didn’t even know that had impacted my ability to thrive. Like a detective, she combines her specific process of diving into your unconscious, combined with muscle testing to ensure she is reaching the true issue at hand, with a release method based on what your body asks for. It is truly fascinating, and I highly recommend it.

Also, day 4 is the time to put the block aside and treat yourself with loving kindness. You are guided to a meditation using your hands on your belly that will allow you to drift into a peaceful state, while still addressing adhesions in this area.

Remember, there are many layers that need to be released and repaired so be patient with yourself and stay connected to the community so you feel safe and supported through the process.

If you haven't started the 90 Day Trauma Relief program yet, click here to join in.

Breathe & Believe,


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