Week 5 of the 90 Day Trauma Relief Program

We begin our next week of the 90 Day Block Therapy Trauma Program focusing on the core and ribcage and connecting to an emotional trauma that may have impacted you. Perhaps someone made you feel self-conscious about the size of your belly, maybe you have had surgeries that left you feeling self-conscious about the scar or that have blocked a positive energy flow, trapping sadness or anger, or maybe you feel physically weak from an injury that has left you frustrated about your current physical ability. You may have many that you want to release, but see if you can connect to a trauma that you feel has kept you in a state of freeze.

For me, I am going to focus on the breast reduction surgery I had in my twenties; a surgery that if I knew then what I know today, I would have never had.

Regret is an awful emotion. To have done something that can’t be reversed, and later you wish you hadn’t done, can be very traumatic. When I made the decision to do the surgery I was very excited. I hated the size of my breasts and was often ridiculed or made fun of. The tip of the iceberg was when I was in university. 

After getting my science degree, I went into Physical Education in order to get the remaining courses required for my Athletic Therapy Certification, and I needed to take some sport related courses for this degree. I was in track and field, and part of what was required was to learn how to sprint with proper mechanics. We had to sprint 100 meters, and we were to be filmed so that everyone could later watch in slow motion.

When I learned of this, I was mortified. Had I known this was a requirement, I wouldn’t have taken this course. When the day came to film, I wore the biggest and loosest shirt I had in the hope of hiding my huge breasts. The next week were the evaluations where everyone would be watching. I don’t think I slept at all that week in terror of what was to come.

The time came when my video was to be shared. I sat with my breath held as I watched myself running down the track, breasts flopping like 2 puppies fighting under a blanket. What happened next was humiliating, but I was also grateful. My professor, a male, simply ignored my run. He just ignored my evaluation and went to the next one. That day I called the doctor to schedule my breast reduction surgery.

The scars that were left behind did provide a resource to me. They became my personal trial to understand how Fluid Isometrics melts through scar tissue. They had become stuck to my ribcage and were affecting my breathing. I had asthma for a while that required an inhaler and working through the scars allowed me to release them and get over my breathing issues. Seeing this as an opportunity instead of a regret has helped, but there is still at times sadness knowing that I altered my body.

This will be my focus for the week: to release any remaining regret around this choice from the past. What are you going to focus on this week to pull up to your conscious awareness so that you can work through the old wounds and create a deep level of healing?

On Day 4 of this week, the speaker we will be highlighting is David Berceli. He is the founder of TRE (Trauma and Tension Release Exercise). I had the exquisite opportunity to have him take me through a session that you can follow in the video. That evening after my session, I had some intense dreams. I know there was a ton of trapped energy released and since then have done TRE many times. I love the effect and highly recommend it.

Also, Day 4 is the time to put the Block aside and treat yourself with loving kindness. You are guided to a meditation using your hands on your belly that will allow you to drift into a peaceful state while still addressing adhesions in this area.

Remember, there are many layers that need to be released and repaired so be patient with yourself and stay connected to the community, so you feel safe and supported through the process.

If you haven't started the 90 Day Trauma Relief program yet, click here to join in.

Breathe & Believe,


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