Holiday Message

It’s that time of year again. A time to review the lessons and experiences we have gained, a time to be grateful for all we have, a time to cherish our loved ones, and a time to let go of that which no longer serves us. This is a magical moment as we are stepping into a whole new year, and with that comes new and amazing adventures and opportunities.

What I am most grateful for, is our Block Therapy community. The way everyone has come together to share their experiences, trials, tribulations and wins, has warmed my heart beyond words. The live community calls are a magical moment where borders don’t exist, and everyone feels the love. There have been many moments of tearful shares – me included, as well as moments of laughter, vulnerability and authenticity. 

I also feel like my family has grown immensely. Frequently when connecting with someone, I hear them say that they feel like they know Quinn and me as we are in their homes every day. I can’t even express what this means to me. To have a purpose that connects us so intimately, yet with so many, is priceless. 

Every year when we reach this point, I think of that which is to come. This year will be one of expansion where we take the foundation as it is laid out and build new platforms to continue to reach as many as are interested in this journey. There is a never-ending amount of information I want to share with you, to provide as much insight and value to take your self-care journey to whatever level you choose. I am also excited about those who are reaching out to me to share their modalities of choice as complementary tools/therapies and approaches to Block Therapy. 

Together we make a difference, and I will do my best to be as available to those in need and learn to delegate that which I can pass on, so to arrive at the next steps. I also want to mention the Block Therapy team and the balance of the creative, bold and humble. It all needs to work in concert for the music to reach the people, and I am thrilled with the talent, the skillsets and the intention that everyone on the team brings to the table. 

What I will release to 2022, is any self-doubt that is blocking my path. You have all shown me that this is worth it, and so many of you have offered your help to me, leading me to stand firm in my beliefs that together we can create a better world. I am so excited to see what 2023 brings and thank you all so much for your willingness to have the faith in this process, and the discipline to learn to love pain.

To all the Pain seekers out there, Happy New Year -- may 2023 be the best yet!

Breathe & Believe,


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