The Power of Community

To be a part of something bigger than yourself brings gifts that cross borders, reach the hearts and minds of many and have the capacity to heal deep wounds. To be able to share with authenticity and be vulnerable without judgement builds a trust and safety that is so needed in the world today.

I want to celebrate all of you. This past year I have seen the community grow to a new level of not only numbers, but a deeper sense of connection. I was nervous to let go of managing the Facebook Community, but knew it was in great hands with Val and Kristine taking the reins. This created time and space for me to connect with you through regular live calls and for me, this is one of the most treasured ways in how I spend my time.

The best part is the exponential benefits through the sharing that everyone does. We all learn from each other and there is no shortage of love, guidance and suggestions being given so freely on any number of topics. I always walk away feeling empowered and excited for the deeper understanding I have gained, as well, to see others touched by stories and sharing from the group.

I also know that many people have made personal connections through the group. When someone shares an experience like yours, you know there is another soul that has lived through an event or tragedy. Knowing that you have not walked that path alone somehow allows a peace to settle in your heart and gives you the energy to possibly look at the situation form a different perspective. This is what healing is all about – being able to forgive with intention so to allow yourself to be free of that which has held you back from living a life of joy.

Healing isn’t a straight line. There are moments when you may feel strong and like you have life figured out, then in one swoop your foundation can be rocked, throwing you into a tailspin of confusion and dis-ease. These are the moments when community is crucial. To have the opportunity to come out and be real and share, even when it may feel scary, is priceless.

The Trauma Relief Program has been an absolute joy with the weekly calls. The level of commitment made by everyone has warmed my heart, allowed me to share some deep and dark places in my being, and know that I am seen and heard without judgement. To see others who have shared that they are afraid to come out in front of the group, but who trust the process and take that step, is amazing. I have seen so many evolve, gain confidence and heal. 

I am so excited for the year ahead. As we continue to move forward and attract others to join, I am certain there will be many moments of laughter, tears and genuine sharing. For years I pushed away technology but am so grateful for the ability to connect from one side of the world to the other, and have friendships created that would have never been possible. When this happens, the world doesn’t seem so big and scary. Suddenly everyone becomes a friend and a resource to guide us through during those lonely moments of darkness and despair. All it takes is one loving soul to connect and fill you with light, and that is what community is all about.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Breathe & Believe,


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