Aligning Your Psoas – Be the Driver of Your Reality

The psoas is talked about frequently as a muscle that needs to be properly aligned and established in the core. It is incredibly important to address if we are to have physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual health. It is the deepest muscle in the body, and the only one that connects the lower and upper body together.

Think about the implications of this. Everything is connected through the fascia system, but specifically, the movements of the body are directed through this muscle. If you are conscious of it and work to create balance and symmetry, then your entire being is positively affected by your intention and action. However, if you pay no attention to this powerful connector, then you are like a leaf in a tornado, allowing the forces of nature to manipulate where you are going.

The latter would be like closing your eyes and driving full speed down the highway. You have no idea where you may end up, or what you might crash into. The former example, where you are in control, is you consciously driving. It doesn’t mean that an accident won’t occur, as you can’t control other drivers, but the likelihood of this is much less, and if it does, you have an opportunity to act in the moment to lessen the potential damage.

This muscle rests on either side of the lumbar vertebrae, and attaches to the hips, as well to the diaphragm. We know that in order to have the mind in a relaxed state, we need to connect to proper diaphragmatic breathing. For this to happen, you need to bring balance and symmetry into the core. What many don’t realize, is that working on the core alone won’t accomplish this. The limbs, and specifically the legs when standing and walking, are what control the alignment of everything above. 

Imagine what this means to the abdominal organs. They rest below the diaphragm. If the psoas, driven by the alignment of the legs and feet, is spiralling the body out of the alignment as seen in this photo, then the organs become squeezed, displaced and blocked from flow. Each organ connects us to different emotions, so depending on the organ that is most stressed can determine your outlook on life.

The liver, for example, stores anger and depression. This is likely in part driven from a person whose right leg is acting like a flat tire, drawing away from the body, causing the right side of ribcage to collapse onto the liver. The stomach, stores sadness and nervousness, and is likely driven from a person whose left leg is acting like the flat tire.

Also, imagine what occurs in the ribcage to the heart and lungs when the diaphragm becomes manipulated by the psoas muscle. The spiralling down in either direction, again, driven from the limbs, takes away space in the cage for the heart and lungs to function with ease. This can cause issues with breathing and put immense stress on the heart muscle which can ultimately lead to many health concerns.

We can discuss every aspect of the body and what happens when the fascia in general is pulling the body out of alignment, and how the psoas is a direct connection to every cell, but more importantly, what can be done?

In our current program, Lengthen and Strengthen Your Core – 21 Days to Look and Feel Better in Your Body, we continue to move into this area of the body through active participation with the psoas. We bring immense awareness to this space through the combination of blocking, isometric holds, as well as supporting proper foundation and alignment in the limbs. Because of the fascia in general, and the psoas muscle in particular, the entire body moves in synch, so all parts need to be addressed. However, this program has an immense concentration of time in undoing the adhesions deep in the belly as they have so strongly manipulated this unique area of the body.

This program will exist in the Block Therapy Membership lifelong, so you can begin at any time, and revisit as frequently as you need.

Enjoy being the driver of your body and your life. It is much safer and more exciting to be your own pilot.

Breathe & Believe,


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