Lengthening & Strengthening Your Back

People often equate density and the hardness of a muscle to having strength. Sometimes, for example if a person is contracting a muscle, this is true. However, when it becomes a chronic condition, there is nothing further from the truth. When you touch the traps of most people, they are rock hard, but this isn’t because they are strong and healthy, it is because they have been strongly pulled away from proper alignment and are now frozen.

Frozen means lacking in blood flow. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the battery of the cell and oxygen is the fuel. If cells are deprived of oxygen, then like a car that runs out of gas, they can’t function as designed. Unlike the front of the body that compresses over time, causing the cells to become closer together and entangled, the cells in the back of the body are getting drawn away from each other in reaction to this. As the body wants to be in balance, the muscles in the back become chronically contracted in the attempt to stop the body from tipping over.

This is driven from gravity and unconscious posture and breath. Unlike an injury where there is an impact causing an immediate reaction to contract for protection, and then inflammation as the body will send healing agents for repair, this slow and continual response to the forces of nature doesn't result in additional blood flow, but quite the opposite, limited flow resulting in chronic hardening.

When you look at this from the perspective of energy, when there is balance in the body and the cells are all positioned in their correct alignment, there is an effortless effort to the body. The body's own internal magnetic fields are generated by the extraordinary amount of internal electrical activity that keeps our bodies alive. This is a magical place as the magnetics work to support ease of flow and movement within. The body is suspended, almost defying gravity like a blown-up balloon, feels light and free, and exudes light. The potential and kinetic energy are in balance.

When collapse of the bodys’ structure occurs, there is a shifting of the energies. The ATP in each cell is the battery. So, when there are more cells that have migrated to the front of the body from the forward, rotational direction that occurs from aging, there is more potential energy in the front body. As the cells in the back body become spread apart and are forced to be chronically active to stop the body from tipping off balance, all that potential energy is converted to kinetic energy, leaving the body out of balance and exhausted.

You can also look at it from the perspective of the past, the future and the moment. When the body is balanced, the breath is conscious which requires you to be present. This body will be living in the moment, seeing each event as unique and responding accordingly to every opportunity or situation. When the body tips forward from unconscious posture and breath, you are now connected to thoughts of past and future where fear reside. This is the land of the ego and if left unchecked, the future can be a scary place filled with uncertainly, and the past can be a place filled with regret. 

Bottom line, balance and symmetry are the goals. For there to be ease of movement of the body, as well as an ease of flow from the fluids that feed the cells, there needs to be space within and around every cell for optimal absorption of nutrients and the release of waste. By releasing the adhesions in the front of the body and focusing on isometric exercise while on the block to pull the cells back to their home, we bring an energetic balance back into the body so to live in the present. 

We are now entering the last week of the program, Lengthen & Strengthen Your Core – 21 Days to Look & Feel Better in Your Body. This has been designed to address the imbalances that occur and bring the cells back to that magical place where effortless effort is attained. Although coming to the end of the guided program with our community, it will stay in the Block Therapy Membership lifelong for you to access at any time.

Breathe & Believe,


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