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Hello. My name is Deanna Hansen and I want to welcome you to the Block Therapy Cellulite Challenge!

This is very exciting for a number of reasons but mostly…because it works!

“It is my goal to get 100 before and after pictures proving that Block Therapy not only melts through cellulite to improve tissue appearance, but that it also improves the health of the body.”

Why will Block Therapy help you?

Block Therapy is focused in the fascia system. The fascia is the connective tissue that holds the entire body together, and connects every one of our 100 trillion cells. In order to make lasting change to our health and appearance, we need to understand this system and give it what it needs to thrive.

Some of you may not like or even hate the look of your thighs, butt, belly… wherever the cellulite is present. But I have something to share with you. It is there because it is doing its job of protecting you.

Let’s talk about the legs as an example.

Because we are dominant on one side, we fall off balance and actually age in a forward rotational direction – we literally wind down over time. In order to keep us from tipping over, the fascia grips and seals to bone with a force up to 2000 pounds/square inch in an attempt to keep us upright. The grips are what create the appearance of cellulite. In order to get rid of them, permanently, there are 3 things that need to happen.

2 Cycles of 21 Days – 6 Weeks

(no added exercise or change in diet)

1. Create Space

When we wind down over time what is lost is the space in the tissue. Compression creates blocks to blood and oxygen flow, as well as blocks the cells from being properly cleaned. This creates a congested, dirty environment and adds size to the cells. Block Therapy puts the space back into the tissue time has taken away. This allows the grips to release, minimizing and eliminating dimpling as well as properly cleaning the cells.

2. Inflate Space

Instruction of proper diaphragmatic breathing is the driver of this process as it turns on the internal furnace, optimizing the melting effect. The adhesions in the fascia are heated and melted, and the space created is inflated with oxygen, creating a lift of the tissue and lightness in the body. This is the foundation of Block Therapy.

3. Maintain Space

Understanding how to use your body properly and strengthen correct foundation is crucial to maintaining cellular alignment and preventing the return of cellulite and any other issue.

Understanding the fascia system is really what this is about. This is a process of melting, not breaking through the adhesions in the tissue.

Melting vs. Breaking – Persuasion vs. Force.

When we approach our body with kindness and understanding, the results are amazing, efficient and long lasting. Also, the added benefits are profound, as the thousands who do Block Therapy will agree.

The system as it is laid out is amazing at getting the results you want and need; and I am excited to put you through a challenge that will only bring success.

Here is How it Works!

The Cellulite Program is laid out in Block Therapy Members, along with a ton of added Block Therapy content. As Block Therapy is about whole body alignment, it is not only the areas where your cellulite accumulates; we need to work the whole body to bring health to all cells. Having said that, if you only do the 15-minute per day program, you will definitely see improvement.

For me, I want to WOW you and take you through a process that will blow your mind! 

So what you will receive is a 21-Day email campaign. In this I will take you through the site, guiding you to specific videos, sequences and exercise to optimize the 15-minute per day Cellulite plan.

Again, if all you do is the 3 Block positions/day, you will see great improvement, but this is a contest after all, and the winner receives…

1 full year in Block Therapy Members…Free! 

To get started:

Until May 19, 2017 for only $199, you will receive:

1. Your own hand crafted cedar Block Buddy as your tool

(only if you do not have)

2. 21 Day Cellulite Challenge

(includes a 21 Day email campaign to guide you through the challenge)

3. Full access to Block Therapy Members for 6 weeks

In the Member site there is a form to take before and after pictures. Even if you choose not to let us use them, you want them for yourself. It is amazing to see where you started and how much change occurs – it keeps you motivated to continue.

For those that let me use the before and after pictures, you will receive a…

Free assessment and personal guidance from me to fast track your health results.

Once you receive your Block Buddy and are ready to start the challenge, you will press the Start Cellulite Challenge button as shown below. This will be delivered in your initial email after purchase.

This will begin the daily email sequence to guide you through this process.

Understanding the fascia system and how to bring health to your body will change everything, including how you age. I look forward to having you be part of this journey!

I want to make sure you saw exactly what you will be receiving!

Until May 19, 2017 for only $199 you will have: 

  • Your own Hand Crafted Cedar Block Buddy as Your Tool
  • 21 Day Email Campaign to Guide You Through the Cellulite Challenge
  • Access to the Block Therapy Membership for 6 Weeks Which Includes:
    • All of the Intro Series Positions (photo and description)
    • Deanna’s Classes and Additional Advanced Block Therapy Video Instruction
    • 24/7 Access to our Private Facebook Support Community
    • Block Therapy Sequences to Address Specific Issues
    • Chair Positions
    • Added Block Therapy Content


Program Cost $299 – Receive it today for only $199

If you already have a Block Buddy…

Program Cost $199 – Receive it today for only $99

Make sure to take before & after photos not only for yourself, but a chance to win…


Not sure if this is the program for you?

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Note: Enrollment for the challenge will take place between March 1 and May 19th. All photos for the contest need to be submitted by June 15th. The winners will be announced on June 30th.


Program Cost $299 – Receive it today for only $199

If you already have a Block Buddy…

Program Cost $199 – Receive it today for only $99

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What Clients Say…

I had a lot of trouble with my left knee. For 20 years I couldn’t go up and down stairs, after 3 months on the Block I can go up, down, sideways, whatever.

Diane McDougall

Block therapy is amazing!  After 2 decades of pain and steadily getting worse, I feel better at 47 than I did at 25.  It is literally making me younger and undoing damage.  Thanks Deanna for this fantastic program!

Sandee Bachalo

I am on day 10 of the 21 day block blitz, and loving it! I lost 6 inches in 7 days. It’s unbelievable…incredible! I feel so much better too. I have had numerous abdominal/pelvic surgeries over the 10 years, and have felt that area was very tight and this is helping so much!

Debi Hamilton