Thanks to Doug Lunney and The Winnipeg Sun

Thank you to the Winnipeg Sun

Thanks to Winnipeg Sun Reporter Doug Lunney for writing such a great article about
Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy in the Winnipeg Sun, Thursday April 10, 2014. Many people have written articles based on interviews I gave and I know what a challenge it is to put together a comprehensive description of Fluid Isometrics in 600 words or less. Along with receiving lots of praise, as usual the article also created some controversy.

One of the things I was challenged on was how diaphragmatic breathing can feed the body up to 600% more oxygen. Please read this week’s blog post, in which I explain how this is possible. If I could convince the world of only one thing it would be the importance of breathing fully from the diaphragm.

I am also excited to share that my nephew, Quinn and I are off to L.A. April 18to introduce Block Therapy to the U.S.A. market. We will be going to gyms and yoga studios to invite people to the instructor training we will be offering in the fall for people from outside Winnipeg.

I also want to extend a huge thank-you to my team. I am having tons of fun seeing my work begin to reach so many people. The excitement and positive feedback we are getting from people are making all the hard work so worthwhile. Catherine, Tina, Samantha, Heather, Patti and Quinn, you are doing such an incredible job and you make everyday feel like a holiday!

Breathe & Believe,
Deanna Hansen


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