Shelley Elhatton gives testimonial about Block Therapy 3 day Intensive workout.

Registered Nurse, Shelley Elhatton gives her testimonial about the Block Therapy 3-day Intensive workout. Listen to her experience after only two of the three classes….

“Hi my name is Shelley Elhatton. I’m just half way through the 3-day intensive with Deanna Hansen. I’ve been off work for over a year. I’ve had huge amounts of pain, especially in my pelvis. I haven’t been able to walk properly. I’ve tried so many different modalities and THIS is amazing. Half way through my class today my leg length on the left side was so much longer and now they’re totally balanced. I just feel so free. It’s indescribable. No pain. It’s awesome!”

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3 day intensive block therapy workout with Deanna Hansen

Special thanks to Shelley Elhatton
for the testimonial.

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