A Lifelong Solution To The Maintenance & Care of Chronic Back Pain

A lifelong solution to the maintenance and care of chronic back painChronic back pain is one of the leading conditions causing people to suffer. I know, I suffered from it for years before understanding how the connective tissue in the body compresses and how the tissue seals us in a negative alignment. It does this as incorrect posture and breathing over years, combined with injuries and possibly surgeries, causes the body to change, adapting to the forces of gravity and time. The challenge is to understand where the body is being held out of place, and to put energy and space back into the compressed tissue, resulting in the ability for the body to realign.

Everybody is unique in how there body ages, but there are some constants that do apply to everyone. As we age, we typically become shorter and wider and the direction of this collapse is in a forward, rotational direction. If we were properly aligned, the hip joints in the pelvis would be symmetrical, bearing equal weight on both feet with 60% of the body weight being on the heels. The reality is that we are not symmetrical, the average person has 80% of their weight on the balls of their feet and we have collapsed into the space within, causing pressure and congestion.

Cause Sites for Chronic Back Pain

The cause sites for chronic back pain lie in the holding of the pelvis in its incorrect alignment, primarily in the front and sides. In order to bring the body back to balance and release the pressure and tension in the back, we need to release the holding pattern in the front; decompress the compressed tissue. This holding pattern can seal us out of alignment with a force up to 2000lbs/square inch and therefore requires proper understanding and care to release this immense force.

The first line of business is to understand how to properly stand. Lower body mechanics are key to creating the proper alignment and this video about the Rooting Exercise will give you a simple understanding and easy to apply habit forming technique to change the postural habits that brought you to this place.

New E-Book ‘Solution To Chronic Back Pain’ coming soon!

Next, in order to release the compressed tissue, the order of Block Therapy placements described in my e-book – ‘Your Solution To Chronic Back Pain is Only A Block Away’ will directly target the cause sites to your chronic back pain, allowing the pelvis to re-align. The Block Buddy and intro video series are required for this. The Block Buddy efficiently sinks into the tissue with the guided instruction on proper breathing and gets to the root of the problem. Bone and wood are of similar density, and the Block Buddy is designed to fit into the contours of the body, giving you the ability to move through the layers of pain and compression.

The added videos that will be included in the program- ‘Your Solution To Chronic Back Pain is Only A Block Away’ will teach you how to become more aggressive with the Block Buddy, once you have mastered the breathing techniques. This is a life-long maintenance program and learning the tools today to bring symmetry and awareness into the pelvis will not only help you manage chronic back pain, but also to keep the organs in the area healthy and the tone of the muscles firm. This practice is for anyone, any age. The only contraindications to this program are:

  • Metal rods in spine
  • Surgical mesh
  • Pregnancy
  • Advanced osteoporosis

As with any exercise program is advisable to seek advice before starting something new.

If you are uncertain if this program is for you, please contact me at info@fluidisometrics.com

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

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