Meet Joan Jasper, Your Newest Block Therapy™ Instructor!

Joan Jasper

Congratulations to our newest Certified
Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy™ Instructor, Joan Jasper!

Joan Jasper is an Administrative Assistant working in the Financial Services Field as well as a Certified Block Therapy™ Instructor.  After years of working at a desk, Joan began to suffer from constant pain in her upper back.  She tried various means to alleviate this pain, with no success.  She was referred to Fluid Isometrics™ in 2012 and began working with Block Therapy™ to finally obtain relief from her pain.

Joan finds that Block Therapy™ improves her golf game,
benefits her yoga practice and helps alleviate pain after dancing.

In her spare time Joan enjoys golfing in the summer and yoga in the winter. She loves to use the Block Buddy™ to help increase her range of motion which benefits both her yoga practice and her golf game!  She also enjoys ballroom dancing and is using Block Therapy™ to alleviate aches and pains in her legs and feet.

Joan Jasper is looking forward to empowering others to become their own health advocates and teaching them how to “self-care” to deal with their current issues and enjoy the long term health benefits of Block Therapy™.

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