How to Get Rid of Bloating, Fatigue and Pain

Block Talk with Deanna – Tip #2

Our stomach organ resides right below the diaphragm muscle. When we’re breathing diaphragmatically, the way that we’re supposed to, we give the internal organs a continual massage. This helps aid in digestion. If we’re not digesting properly, we’re not absorbing nutrients which is going to cause fatigue, it could cause heartburn and it will absolutely cause bloating.

Learning how to breathe diagrammatically is truly one of the most important things that you can do to improve digestion, elimination and feel better all around. If you haven’t started yet, you want to put your hands on your belly and make sure the belly rises with the inhalation and falls with the exhalation.

This is Tip #2 – How to Get Rid of Bloating, Fatigue and Pain.

Breathe & Believe