Block Therapy – The Solution for Headaches or Migraines

Pain in the head affects everything you do. It can zap your life of joy. Unfortunately, most people aren’t addressing the cause of their issue; they are focused on getting rid of the pain.

In Block Therapy, we teach that there are cause sites and pain sites. Both need to be addressed for relief of what ails you, but getting to the root of the problem is needed for a long-term solution. You need to look at the fascia system and how it interconnects the entire body to really get a grasp on dealing with chronic pain.

For headache/migraine sufferers, you need to look first at the ribcage – this is the foundation to the head and neck. If the rib cage has collapsed into your core – and I can be certain to say that it has for everyone, the alignment of the neck will be pulled forward which blocks blood and oxygen flow to the head and brain.

Also, due to the collapse of the ribcage into the core, there is a strangling of the diaphragm muscle – that which is responsible for proper breathing. The diaphragm is the foundation of the ribcage. If you aren’t consciously breathing, this muscle has become weak causing a starvation of the most important nutrient for cellular health – oxygen.

Simply put, as long as cells are fed and clean, they are doing their job and are healthy. It is when we ask them to perform yet we don’t give them what they need to thrive that they start to let us know through pain signals. If the pain is initially ignored through meds or other means of avoidance, the signals get louder.

I see it all the time. People, including myself, want to give the area that hurts the attention – the squeaky wheel gets the oil. But, the attention will only give the area temporary relief as the forces of nature – gravity – and life will continue to act on the system. In no time, the pain will return and the joy is zapped once again.

The great news is, you don’t have to live in pain anymore. There are many Block Therapy enthusiasts who have conquered life-altering migraines with Block Therapy. To be part of the conversation and ask others how it has helped, join the private Facebook group to be a part of the growing tribe calling this the Missing Link.

Breathe & Believe

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