Conscious Breathing and Emotional Release

We just finished our 3rd annual Block Therapy Teacher Intensive in Winnipeg. This was such an amazing experience. Teachers from around the globe came to Winnipeg for 2 days of blocking, sharing, learning and connecting. The 3rd day was focused on teaching the body workers to use the block buddy in their practice. This part was a favorite for many!

Writing this the day after the event, in the group chat are discussions centering on emotional releases. The sadness, insecurities and fear that came up left many in tears. Those that have been blocking for years shared how this is part of the cleansing experience. This is Susan’s guidance to someone inquiring about their experience:


​One more thing... crying is so good for us. Those tears are cleansing. Remember, we are cleansing our tissues and many emotions are stored in the fascia. We cleanse them physically by removing toxins and debris. We also cleanse them emotionally by removing stuck feelings. Let those tears flow in order to wash away that accumulation of hurt, sorrow, anger, insecurity, disappointment... I can go on and on listing emotions. Why do we do this? Because... you’re going to like this... because underneath all that emotional junk is a huge reservoir of JOY!

​Susan Livingstone ​​​​Block Therapy Instructor

​Block Therapy has 3 parts to the process:

  • Creating Space – The physical act of lying on the block buddy for a minimum of 3 minutes, while breathing, heats the tissue. The adhesions that have developed between the layers of fascia – which are like frozen threads tying and tangling the tissue, melt with pressure and time. The force within these adhesions create can be up t0 2000 pounds/square inch…incredible. It’s a magnetic attraction.
  • Inflating Space – The education and focus of conscious diaphragmatic breathing, increases oxygenation in the blood up to 600%. This increased absorption of oxygen feeds the cells, inflating the newly created space, allowing the magnetic connection to release.
  • Maintaining Space – Understanding proper postural foundations is necessary to prevent your body from falling back into the negative postural habits already established. We are like a building and need to focus on supporting the body’s foundation and structure to ensure correct cellular alignment. This is an integral piece this practice.

When your body is compressed and toxic, there is little space to allow creativity, joy and expression. The energy available is being used to simply survive, rather than thrive. Once you release the body of adhesions, feed the cells proper amounts of oxygen and own correct cellular alignment, your body vibrates at a higher frequency and the space created allows the creative juices to flow. This is when peace and joy are present.

It is the full conscious exhalation that is the driver of this cleansing. The mechanical action within turns on the internal furnace and heats the system to improve overall flow. The direct mechanical action of the diaphragm moving up and down in the core gives a massage effect to the internal organs, heart and lungs. This also creates a direct manipulation of the organs…. continually, to ensure ease of flow.

The unconscious breather has a weak diaphragm and collapses on the organs. The breath now being pulled in from the secondary muscles in the upper chest, don’t draw the air deeply enough into the lungs to reach the reservoir of alveoli, the oxygen receptor sites. This starves the body of this most vital nutrient leaving it cold, compressed and toxic.

To learn more about how beneficial this practice is for your body, breath and health, join the conversation now on our private Facebook group - Block Therapy Members.

Breathe & Believe


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