Understanding Fascia & Pain | The Fascia Masters, Episode 5

In Block Therapy, we teach people to become pain seekers. 

The world is teaching us that pain is bad and we should avoid it, but we believe that pain is our friend. We want to embrace and understand it. Pain tends to breed fear which traps people in a pain-fear cycle. When we take fear out of the equation and search for the deeper pain, we are able to heal. 

Pain is the language of the cell that gives us information that it is requiring attention. When we understand that pain is here to help us and guide us, it changes our entire view of what pain is in the body.

Block Therapy allows us to search for areas of compression  in the body in order to melt adhesions so that fascia can migrate back to its proper alignment. We need to feed our cells properly so that they can help us to move forward in life in a healthy way.

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