Understanding Fascia & Weight Loss | The Fascia Masters, Episode 4

Did you know that 84% of weight loss comes through proper breathing?

Everyone talks about two main factors when trying to lose weight: eating healthy and excercising. Here's what no one is talking about; managing your fascia is crucial in order to maintain a healthy size and shape. Compression and ballooning are of equal importance to diet and exercise while looking at reducing and controlling your weight in a healthy way. 

There is an optimal amount of space inside the body. This allows for flow of nutrients to cells, and the removal of waste from cells. When we compress, we lose space in one area causing ballooning in another. Additionally, the areas of compression also become toxic from a lack of flow, adding more size to the cells. 

With Block Therapy, you can release the compressed areas and improve the flow to keep cells properly fed and clean. This results in a healthy alignment, as well as cells that are calm and relaxed – not cells that are ballooned and stressed.

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