Teaching People To Become Their Own Health Advocates

Teaching People To Become Their Own Health Advocates

My mission with Block Therapy is to teach people to become their own health advocates. I truly believe that 80% of peoples’ issues can be self-managed, if you have the proper information and understanding of what causes suffering, and what to do about it. I am pleased to offer a complete series of positions with Block Therapy that will address the reason that we are stuck in an incorrect alignment in the pelvis, which will cause chronic back pain, as well as issues with digestion and elimination, pain and symptoms in the legs and hips, and aging of the reproductive organs.

Become your own Health Advocate

This program requires the Block Buddy and intro DVD, “Freedom is only a Block Away”, to learn how to use the Block Buddy safely. The order of the positions in the e-book “A Solution to Chronic Back Pain is only a Block Away” gives you a systematic approach to releasing the tension that blocks blood and energy flow to the pelvis, resulting in improved circulation and my 90-day program is a wonderful addition to create the proper habits for posture, with week 4 being specific to rooting, which is required to maintain proper pelvic alignment.

New! Block Therapy Chair Class

I am also offering, for the first time, a Chair Class, which will benefit anyone who has issues getting up and down from the floor, or who sits at a desk all day. You will learn how to position the tissue in the lower body to create positive changes to alignment, affecting both appearance and function. What excites me most about this is teaching people what to do for their health while doing other things, so we don’t need to take extra time from our day.

This work has changed my life, and the lives of many, and I am so passionate about giving people the tools you need to self-care, for life. I will continue to provide programs to assist you on your health and healing journey, and look forward to any feedback you may offer.

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen


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