The History of the Block Buddy & Block Baby

History of the Block Buddy

The Block Buddy, (and Block Baby), is not just a piece of wood, it is a therapeutic tool hand-crafted from bamboo or elm. This took me two years to develop, in order that it fits into the contours of the soft tissue in the body comfortably. With Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy, you are melting the compressed fascia and scar tissue that is deep in the body, in order to improve blood and energy flow.

The Block Buddy is a Therapeutic Tool

To be able to navigate comfortably through the pain in your tissue, you need a tool that can sink in and melt through restriction with as much comfort and ease as possible. This is not an easy task as scar tissue and compressed fascia seals the body out of alignment with a force up to 2000lbs/square inch. This process can’t be forced. Tissue needs to be persuaded, melted, with the combination of pressure and proper diaphragmatic breathing. It would be too painful to affect the tissue properly if there were rough or sharp corners on the Block Buddy.

It requires a certain router to create the angles necessary at the edges of the Block Buddy to create that comfortable fit. 

Then, to complete the process, the Block Buddy is sanded by hand, to give that soft and finished feel. This is all about function and comfort.

You Can Use The Block Buddy Anywhere

The Block Buddy arose from a need to teach people how to perform Fluid Isometrics on themselves. This is the most cost effective way to care for your body, lifelong. You are taught the necessity of proper breathing and alignment, as well as being shown how to find, in yourself, the cause sites that create pain and suffering. One of the best parts is you can take the Block Buddy anywhere.

The Block Buddy is a tool that will last forever, and will assist on your journey toward health, healing and rejuvenation. For the cost of one therapy session, you can have a therapist for life, with the Block Buddy and proper instruction.

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

Introducing the block baby

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