The Importance of Breathing through the Nose

The Importance Of Breathing Through The Nose –
‘Understanding Life Force with Fluid Isometrics’


I just want to take a moment to explain Prana and the importance of breathing through the nose.  In Yoga, Prana is the Life Force. The receptors for Prana live in the nostrils. With the practice of Block Therapy we instruct people to breathe diaphragmatically in and out through the nose because the receptor sites for Prana live in the nostrils. Also, when we get to the third class, the class that deals with the Head, the Neck and the Arms, we learn about the alignment of the tongue muscle. When our tongue is properly aligned we actually cannot breathe through the mouth, so all of the instruction that you get through Block Therapy on the importance of breathing through the nose is for those two reasons.

The importance of breathing through the nose

When you practice Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy we are constantly reminding you, in class as well as on the Block Therapy Intro Video Series, the importance of breathing through the nose.  Start experiencing the many benefits of Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy by ordering the home program. In addition to learning about the importance of breathing through the nose, you’ll also learn to understand the importance of posture, rooting and why it’s important, as well as the many benefits of diaphragmatic breathing.

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