How Does Block Therapy Benefit Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder, and shoulder pain in general, affect many and can take the joy out of life. The most important thing to understand when dealing with this issue is where to treat the body so you can get to the root of the problem.

When you have pain in an area, you intuitively want to work directly on the site involved. However, to understand the areas of the body that are creating the tension is necessary to create a permanent solution to your struggle.

When looking at the shoulder joint, the rib cage is directly involved. It is the foundation of the shoulder joints. Due to unconscious posture and breathing, the rib cage collapses into the core of the body over time. This affects the alignment of the ribs, which can get in the way with the tracking of the shoulder blade. The ribs are built to be flexible and adaptable to movement. However, for many, the ribcage becomes hard and inflexible as you age.

For every pain in the body, there is a corresponding cause site, and sometimes many cause sites. It is important to understand the fascia system and how it adapts over time to our lifestyle. For me, I was a provincial volleyball player in my youth – a power hitter. The number of times I asymmetrically twisted my body to deliver the spike definitely played a role in my alignment issues. What you do over a lifetime adds up and ultimately creates the posture that will determine where your pains will present.

Cellular migration is the term that best describes the aging process. You age in a forward, rotational direction. Gravity is the driver that constantly pulls you down but you don’t compress in a linear fashion. Being right or left side dominant, you spiral down from the asymmetrical use of your body causing a twisting to the body as a whole. This pulls the cells away from their natural resting place which affects the body’s ability to effectively clean and feed the cells: Pain, aging and disease result.

Fortunately, Block Therapy is a practice that guides the cells back to their home. If a cell is properly fed and clean, it does its job without complaint. If pain surfaces, that is the cell letting you know it needs attention.

When dealing with a shoulder issue, the rib cage, as well as the pelvis, legs and hands all need to be looked at to see where the tension is originating. Block Therapy targets the entire body to create cellular re-alignment and rejuvenation.

If you are struggling with a shoulder that won’t heal, you can fill out a Free Health Strategy Session and I will get back to you to provide guidance and relief.

Breathe & Believe


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